The Institute of Musical Instrument Technology was founded in 1938 from the ideas of Sydney Hurren to advance musical instrument technology through the exchange of information and ideas.

Since its foundation the Institute of Musical Instrument Technology (IMIT) has been recognised as the main professional body covering the whole of the musical instrument industry. Past presidents have included piano-makers, organ-builders, a harpsichord-maker and bell-founder among others. Its membership includes leaders in design, construction, maintenance and restoration of most types of musical instruments, such as brass, woodwind, and bowed stringed instrument makers, as well as electronic instrument innovators and constructors. Membership of the Institute is the only professional qualification covering the whole field of musical instruments.

The Institute meets on a regular basis to discuss the advancement of musical instrument technology as a whole. Members of the musical public requiring an instrument technicians in a particular field can be assured of the technician's qualification and their ability to work to a high standard. . The IMIT is not in itself a training organisation, nor does it offer grants or bursaries.

Through this site you will be able to locate a technician for the type of instrument you wish to maintain. There are also links to various training organisations and other associated web sites.