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An advantage of belonging to the IMIT is access to it's library of specialist books.  Our Librarian, Joseph Taylor can be contacted via our contact page.








No         Title        Author(s)   
1    Rehairing of Bows,     William Lavis   
2    Antonio Stradivari,    W Henry Hill   
3    Stringed Instruments,    Otto H Weissha   
4    Acoustics of Orchestral Instruments,    E G Richards   
5    The Volinda Book,    John Hullah Brown   
6    Instruments of the Modem Orchestra ,   George Yendis   
7    Making Musical Instruments - Strings & Keyboard,    Charles Ford   
8    The Determination of Piano String Tensions,    Klaus Fenner   
9    A Treatise on the Art of Pianoforte Construction ,   S Woltenden   
10    Pianos and Their Makers,    Alfred Dokte   
11    The Anatomy of the Piano,    Herbert S ead   
12    The Piano Teacher,    Victor Booth   
13    The Piano Key & Whippen,    Walter & Pfeiffer   
14    Piano Tuning and Allied Arts,    William Braid Whte   
15    Piano Playing Mechanisms,    William Braid White   
16    The Piano,    Helen Rice Hollis   
17    Piano,    David Crombie   
18    Scientific Piano Tuning and Servicing,    Alfred H Howe   
19    The Piano - Its Acoustics,    W V McFerrin   
20    Artistyle Music Rolls    The Marshall        Piano Co Ltd   
21    Principles of Player Action Mechanisms,    Standard Player Co   
22    History of the Piano,    Ernest Clossom   
23    The Pianoforte ,   William Lesley        Sumner   
24    Duo Art Reproducing Piano ,   The Aeolian        Company   
25    The Modem Piano,    M Nader   
26    The Piano from Zither to Grand,    David S Grover   
27    Grand Voicing ,   Franz Rudolf Dietz   
28    Pianos in Practice,    Eric Smith   
29    People And Pianos,    Theodore E Steinway   
30    Men Women and Pianos,    Arthur Loesser   
31    Compensating System,    The Boosey &    Hawkes Oppernor   
32    Making and Adjusting Single Reeds,    Kalmen   
33    The Organ Today,    Herbert Norman & H    John Norman   
34    Organ Building Technology,    Warwickshire    Education Comm,   
35    The Church Organ,    Noel Bonavia-Hunt   
36    The Modem British Organ,    Noel Bonavia-Hunt   
37    Modem Organ Building,    W & T Lewis   
38    The Organ,    Cecil Clutton   
39    The British Organ,    Cecil Dutton &    Austin Nilard   
40    Introduction to the Organ,    Austin Niland   
41    Organ Building Technolog,    GJ Chevenix Trench       
42    The Art of Organ Budding,    G A Audsley   
43    The Organ of the Twenteth Century,    G A Audsley   
44    Organ Construction and Tuning,    Oliver C Faust   
45    The Recent Revolution in Organ Building,    George L Miller   
46    Tuning, Care and Repair of Reed & Pipe Organs,    Niles Bryant School   
47    Repairing the Reed Organ,    S G Earl   
48    The Reed Organ ,   Sears, Roebuck & Co   
49    The Electric Organ,    R Whitworth   
50    The Electronic Musical Instrument Manual,    Alan Douglas   
51    The Calculating Technician,    David Roberts   
52    Band Instrument Repairing Manual,    Eric D Brand   
53    The Complete Organist,    Harvey Grace   
54    Makers of Harpsichord and Clavichord,    H Boalch   
55    Three Centuries of Harpsichord Making,    Frank Hubbard   
56    How to Maintain a Modem Harpsichord,    Hanns Neupert   
57    The Modem Harpsichord,    Peter Owen   
58    The Clavichord,    Hanes Neupert   
59    Musical Instruments Made to be Played,    Ronald Roberts   
60    Musical Instruments,    Karl Geiringe   
61    The Clarinet ,   F Geoffrey Kendall   
62    The Oboe,    Ernest Benn   
63    The Flute & Flute Playing,    Theobald Boehm   
64    Making a Folk Guitar,    John Bailey   
65    The Theory of Sound - Vol 1 & 2,    JWS Rayleigh   
66    Psychology of Music,    Cad E Seashore   
67    Music, Physics and Engineering,    Harry F Olson   
68    The Physics of Musical Sounds,    C A Taylor   
69    The Dolmetsch Workshop,    C Leslie C Ward   
70    The History of Orchestration,    Adam Carse   
71    On the Sensation of Tone,    Hermann Helmholtz   
72    Music, Sound and Sensation,    Fritz Winckel   
73    Reproduction of Sound,    Edgar Villchur   
74    Harmonics or The Philosophy of Musical Sounds,    Robert Smith   
75    Science and Music,    Sir James Jeans   
76    The Dynamical Theory of Sound,    Horace Lamb   
77    Hyperacoustics,    John L Dunk   
78    Elementary Harmony ,   Eric H Thgimann   
79    They All Played Ragtime,    Harriet Jarvis   
80    Pierce Piano Atlas, - 7th Edition       
81    The Musician Piano Atlas,    S K Taylor   
82    Preventative Maintenance of: Saxophones,    Otto H Weisshaar   
83    Bassoons,    Otto H Weisshaar   
84    Clarinets,    Otto H Weisshaar   
85    Oboe & Cor Anglais ,   Otto H Weisshaar   
86    Piston Valve Instruments,    Otto H Weisshaar   
87    Rotary Valve Instruments,    Otto H Weisshaar   
88    Trombones,    Otto H Weisshaar   
89    Percussion Instruments,    Otto H Weisshaar   
90    Re-enacting the Artist,    Larry Givens   
91    Going Down,    Clive Bright               
92    Emanuel Moor ,   Max Pirani   
93    Bach,    Imogent Hoist   
94    The International Book of Wood ,   Hugh Johnson   
95    Humidification Humidifier,    Service Advisory   
96    The Ampico Inspectors Instruction Book,    American Piano  Company   
97    Ampico Reprodudng Piano Service Manual 1929       
98    Sanderson Accu-Tuner Operating Manual       
99    BIOS 2 - Journal of the Brit. Inst. of Organ Studies,    BIOS   
100     BIOS3-do,    BIOS   
101     Duplex Slide Rule TF65,    Lothar Thomma &    Klaus Fenner   
102     Proceedings of the Royal Musical Association,    RMA   
103     Apparatus and Games for the Blind,    RNIB