IMIT Book Library

1Rehairing of BowsWilliam Lavis
2Antonio StradivariW Henry Hill
3Stringed instrumentsOtto Weisshaar
4Acoustics of orchestral instrumentsE G Richards
5The  Violinda BookJohn Hullah brown
6Instruments of the modern orchestraGeorge Yendis
7Making musical instruments - Strings and keyboardCharles ford
8The determination of piano string tensionsKlaus Fenner
9A treaties on the art of pianoforte constructionS Wolfenden
10Pianos and their makersAlfred Dolge
11The anatomy of the pianoHerbert Shead
12The piano teacherVictor booth
13The piano key and WippenWalter & Pfeiffer
14Piano tuning and allied artsWilliam Braid white
15Piano playing mechanismsWilliam Braid White
16The pianoHelen Rice Hollis
17PianoDavid Crombie
18Scientific piano tuning and servicingAlfred H howe
19The piano – Its acousticsW V McFerrin
20Artistyle music rollsThe Marshall piano Co Ltd
21Principles of player piano mechanismsStandard player co
22History of the pianoErnest Clossom
23The pianoforteWilliam Lesley Sumner
24Duo Art reproducing pianoThe Aeolian Company
25The modern pianoM Nalder
26The piano From Zither to grandDavid s Grover
27Grand voicingFranz Rudolf Dietz
28Pianos in practiceEric Smith
29People and pianosTheodor E Steinway
30Men, women and pianosArthur loesser
31Compensating systemThe boosey & Hawkes Oppernor
32Making and adjusting single reedsKalmen
33The organ todayHerbert Norman & H John Norman
34Organ building technologyWarwickshire education committee
35The church organNoel Bonavia-Hunt
36The modern British organNoel Bonavia-Hunt
37Modern organ buildingW & T Lewis
38The organCecil Clutton
39The British organCecil Clutton & Austin Nilard