Clackmannanshire, Scotland Organ Builder

Organ Builder

The average church organ has two keyboards called manuals comprising 56, 58 or61 notes, and a pedal board of 30 notes.  Each manual will have about 6 to 8 stopsand the pedals 1 or 2.  The largest organ had 7 manuals the lowest 2 of 7 octave compass and the remainder 5 octaves the pedals had 32 notes.  Both the manuals and the pedals had double touch giving each the possibility of 2 registerations at the same time.  This organ no longer exists, but was installed in Radio City Music Hall in the USA.  Being a concert hall organ with the largest selection of stops and electric action, it was capable of playing any type of music from classic organ through orchestral to modern pop, all by one performer.

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